Saturday, May 21, 2011

Starting a Business

A few weeks ago, my best friend sent me an IM and told me that I won.  After going back and forth, what I won was the discussion over the years that he should open his own restaurant.  Come to find out, he wants to open a gluten free place.  Of course, I jumped on the bandwagon and will be a 50% partner.

Gluten Free Bistro has been born!  It will be another year to two years before the doors of the retail business officially open.  The business will be located in Illinois where my great business partner is located.  The discussion of where in Illinois is still being debated.  Definitely outside of Chicago is what we both are agreeing upon at this point.  It will either be in one of the burbs outside of Chicago or a little further where there is not many options for individuals that are either gluten free or have chosen a gluten free life style.

What exactly will Gluten Free Bistro be?  A bakery for one.  I love to bake and love having the option of fresh made items instead of buying frozen cookies, cupcakes, etc and having to de-thaw.  The other have of the bistro will be salads, soups, and possibly sandwiches or even daily specials.  This side of the business is still in development and under discussion.

I have to admit I was on cloud nine the weekend I found out.  This has been something I have been thinking about over the last year to two years and have been looking into opportunities here and there.  The great thing about this partnership is my best friend is familiar with restaurants and has worked in them off and on through the years.  I bring the gluten free knowledge to the partnership.  I am always learning when it comes to the baking side, but that is what life is about.  You never stop learning and growing and improving!

The next year is going to be interesting as we journey through the process of opening a business.

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